Using LeftHand Snapshot techniques within a VMware Environment

27 02 2010

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28 02 2010
Eric van der Meer

Hi Kenneth,

Good article as always!

Lately I run into the same problems while designing our new infrastructure, I don’t understand why HP doesn’t put pressure on the vCenter integrations. I hoped and expected they would release it with the new SANiQ 8.5 software.
What they do release are integrations for Microsoft Exchange 2010, so that’s cool but it would be perfect with vCenter integrations…! Missed change for HP!

In our solution I configured Microsoft DPM 2010 servers with the new HP P4500 G2 60TB MDL SAS solution, nice affordable solution with 60TB 2nd tier storage. When budget for a second 60TB MDL solution (on a second site..) you can also do offload/replica within DPM 2010, no more tapes anymore! 😉

Kind regards,

28 02 2010
Kenneth van Ditmarsch

Thanks Eric!

Yeah, last year they told us that they would pressurize vCenter integration but last week unfortunately we heared that certain integrations were made but not for VMware which was shove backwards to Q4 or later.

28 02 2010
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1 03 2010

Hi good post, i agree HP need to move on this there are limatations even around VC intergration , see below

It may HP are looking at proprietary run time agents


5 03 2010

Nice blog post Kenneth.
Funny you should post this as i have just been explaining to our sales guys the same thing.
How do you find snapshotting exchange and SQL Vms with much success?


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