Testing Scenario’s VMware / HP c-Class Infrastructure

4 12 2009

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4 12 2009
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24 12 2009
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4 01 2010

Kenneth – another great job. You’ve enlightened me with some info that I was not aware of with the Flex-10 switches. Your idea of connecting IC’s 1 and 2 to 5 and 6 via the CX4 cable is a good idea, but I’d be curious as to if there are any performance hits. The design appears to offer 4 x FlexNICs (2 onboard and 2 via the mezzanine) – is this to help provide ESX with the quantity of vNICs it needs?

6 01 2010
Kenneth van Ditmarsch

Hi Kevin,

The connection between IC modules (horizontal) is done via the c7000 midplane, so that’s like default.
The connection via CX4 is done as described by HP so this is mandatory as well. The total number of FlexNics in this configuration is 16 which gives you several options to configure a design.

18 01 2010
Richard Boswell

Hey Kevin,

Maybe I’m missing something but stacking links aren’t mandatory. Why did you use them?

25 01 2010
Kenneth van Ditmarsch

Hi Richard,

You are correct, I mentioned that the stacking cables are mandatory but they aren’t.
The are however recommended and offer you redundancy whenever one of the VC modules fails.

You can read more about these stacking cables over in the HP Virtual Connect for c-Class BaldeSystem Setup and Installation Guide (starting from page 53)

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